Snow Day Care

Before and after school care might be what Putnam Co. SAC is best known for but snow day care seems to be what parents are most thankful for.  We understand that parents still have to work even though there might be snow on the ground.

When Putnam Co. schools close for snow, SAC opens combined care at a designated school from 6:00am to 6:00pm.  Snow Day SAC will be at Northeast Elementary School.  We provide a day full of activities for your children so you don’t have to worry about finding impromptu care for your child in the event of bad weather.  Some of our daily activities include the iPad lab, organized gym games, the Wii lab, board games, and the computer lab.  If it isn’t too cold outside, we also like to take the children outside for a few minutes to play in the snow, so make sure to bring a heavy jacket!  While we provide a morning and afternoon snack, you’ll also need to send a lunch with your children as well.

Unfortunately, since snow days are so sporadic and random, billing can sometimes get a little complicated.  Rest assured that no matter the billing situation, we give our parents the cheapest option every time.  Our full day rates are normally $20.00/day but if a snow day falls during a week in which you have already paid your regular weekly tuition, then you will only be charged $10.00 for the snow day.  Now, for instance, if we had a full week of snow days, at $20.00/day that would put the entire week at $100.00, but we would only bill you for $85.00 since that is our weekly rate for full days.

For more information about billing and rates, you can head on over to our Rates & Tuition section of the website.