Before & After School Care

Possibly what Putnam Co. SAC is best known for is providing before and after school care for children inside the school building.  What this means to parents is that their children are getting quality care directly after (and before) school without the hassle of transportation from the school building to a child care facility.

Before-school care begins at 6:00am and lasts until the school’s bus duty and breakfast start, which is usually around 7:15am.  Pre-K children will stay with SAC until their class begins at 7:45am, at which time the director will walk them to class.

At afternoon dismissal, the children go to SAC just as they would any other classroom and begin their afternoon.  While each site’s schedule and activities may vary, all children enrolled in SAC begin with an afternoon snack.  Afterwards is commonly considered time for homework for those children who have it and need assistance.  The rest of the day is usually a combination of physical activity (gym and playground), board games, Wiis, arts and crafts, laptops, and/or cooking activities.

If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren) in our before and after school program then head on over to our Registration section to see what all you need to get started.

We look forward to seeing you!